To become fit and healthy you would have to make a lot of effort. Eating right and taking part in physical activities is a great way to contribute towards good health. You should take part in sports to ensure that your aim of staying physically active is fulfilled. Talking about sports, there are a number of them that you can take part in for a healthy body and mind. Karate is one such physical activity that would help to keep your mind and body fit, healthy and active. This martial art started in China but has become widely popular all over the world. Karate is a game of skills, strength, and endurance. It also involves a lot of brainwork and requires an active mind so that you are able to combat your opponent.

This game has its own set of rules and regulations that one must follow. The player of karate is required to wear a special uniform in white colour and a belt is worn over it on the waist. The belt is worn over the uniform to hold it in place. The belt worn by the person is available in six different colours. The colour of the belt worn by the person signifies their level of proficiency in the art. You might even wonder what are the differences between martial arts belts. Here we are going to discuss about the different colours of karate belts available and which level they signify.

The first one is a white belt. When you see someone practising karate wearing a white belt, it simply means that they are a beginner in the game. As the colour white speaks of purity and innocence, in the same way the white colour belt speaks about the beginner stage of the player of martial art. As the player becomes more experienced in the game, they are allowed to wear a belt of different colour which is the orange colour. The next colour is given only when the person proves his proficiency. The blue belt follows the orange one as the person becomes even more experienced in the art. This belt is gained only when the person focuses on becoming more serious in the game. After the blue belt comes the yellow belt, which is given when the player proves his potential and ability. When the player continues in the game, he would be given a green belt which speaks about his senior level in the game followed by a brown belt. Finally, the person is awarded the black belt which means he has mastered the art.

Jean Revell