Sneaker brands have a propensity of going to the past for inspiration when they aren’t looking to the future for creative new footwear innovations. Maximalism, on the other hand, has recently taken hold. Now, this trend-recycling method usually entails resurrecting some neon, elephantine behemoth from the heyday of the 1990s sporting excess and giving it a Gen Z-friendly moniker. That’s why the Adidas Continental’s introduction in 2018 was a breath of fresh air.

This unassuming, basic, tennis shoe, rebranded as the ‘Continental 80,’ goes against every trend in current sneaker design. Nonetheless, it was flying off the shelves faster than you could imagine.

What Makes The Continental 80 So Outstanding?

When compared to other members of the Sneaker Hall of Fame, like the Converse All-Star or the Stan Smith, the Continental 80 may appear to lack some of the tradition and historical clout that makes these shoes what they are. The Continental, on the other hand, makes up for this by being able to break through a shoe trend that has been gaining traction for quite some time.

For at least three years, sneakers have been getting brighter, bigger, and thicker at an alarming rate. Classic, pared-back styles appeared to have been all but forgotten. The Continental 80’s ability to refocus attention on minimalist, throwback sneakers is a testament to its perfect styling and ageless design. This simple white sneaker single-handedly destroyed one of the most significant footwear fads in decades, and it did it in just a few short months.

The triumphant return

But at a glacial pace. People are leaving the 1980s behind and entering 2018, which will be quieter than previous years but will mark the start of a unique period in our history. In 2018, the Adidas Continental 80 will be released after being dredged up from the archives. This trend has been going on for a while: sneaker brands are rummaging through their cellars in search of almost-forgotten designs that are poised to reshape today’s fashion world. It is amazing how effective this is, and Adidas has also unearthed a true gem in the process.

As a result, the Continental is celebrating its rebirth! At a time when sneaker fashions were bigger, chunkier, and more visually appealing. Because our Continental has completely defied this style and still prevailed! It celebrated a craze unlike any other, which is still going strong now! With a few minor changes, it stayed close to its original design from the 1980s. A new age has arrived, and the Continental has become a must-have sneaker! It’ll be enshrined in the Adidas Hall of Fame with Stan Smith and the Adidas Superstar.

Continental 80 in one line

It’s the ideal day-to-day sneaker, with versatility, comfort, and a price tag that won’t have you selling organs on the black market by the end of the month.


The Continental 80 is, of course, wonderful to combine because of its style! It’s a fantastic everyday companion with a design that works with a variety of styles. Everything is achievable with the Continental from Adidas, whether you want to be chic, elegant, cool, sporty, or whatever your style is. That was one of the reasons you may see it today making the world’s streets and fashions a little bit more attractive!

Jean Revell