• Digital Niche reaches over 2 million Australians every month, focusing on Automotive, Technology, Sport & Leisure, and Business consumers.
  • The reach of Vertical Ad Networks has increased substantially in recent years, from 21.5% to 57.1% in March 2009 – a 172% increase in Unique Browsers. (Reference: CommScore April 27, 2009).


  • The average time spent on a Digital Niche network site is over 10 minutes, demonstrating a highly engaged consumer.
  • People reached by Vertical Ad Networks exhibit substantially higher engagement with site category content than average visitors. (Reference: CommScore April 27, 2009).


  • Vertical Ad Networks are proven to provide far better returns than standard non-premium display advertising
  • Forecast online advertising spend shows 85% plan to use ad networks in 2009 equating to 23% of online advertising dollars (Reference: IDC Research January, 2008);

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