Top 10 digital marketing magazines all marketers should read

Top 10 digital marketing magazines all marketers should read

Digital marketing has become a core part of almost every business today. This isn’t surprising since it allows businesses to connect directly with customers through various channels such as social media, email, websites, mobile apps, etc.

And in case you haven’t noticed, change is the only constant. Marketing trends and best practices are changing faster than you can change your clothes. If marketers don’t actively keep track of these changes, they’ll lose out.  That’s why it’s essential to stay informed about new trends by reading relevant articles written by experts.

However, the amount of information out there can seem overwhelming at times. In addition to keeping abreast of the latest developments, you also need to know how to apply them effectively. Reading about the new Google Analytics features does not mean you automatically know how to use them to measure your site traffic. You’ll need to find digital marketing magazines that cover the theory and provides guides on how to perform specific marketing tasks.

In this article, we list the top 10 digital marketing magazines that all writers should read.


markonmag is a free online marketing magazine based in Singapore. Its content is primarily aimed at local marketing students. markonmag publishes content that covers topics like college advice (e.g. benefits of overseas internships and best places to study) and fundamental marketing concepts (e.g. what media buying and planning are). It is the one-stop ultimate marketing blog for students.

Writing Wildly

Writing Wildly is an online platform where you can …

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How you can grow your digital marketing agency

Starting a digital marketing agency is difficult enough. Growing it is a whole other story. Learn more about how you can grow your agency here!

How you can grow your digital marketing agency

Are you looking to build a business but don’t really know where to begin? Do you wish you had someone who knew exactly how to do everything for you?

Digital marketing businesses are growing at lightning speed these days. If you aren’t already making money from your own website, then chances are you will soon be. 

But being able to manage your own web design, content creation, social media marketing, SEO, etc., isn’t always as simple as it sounds. 

First, you should know that becoming a digital marketing agency owner is more complicated than launching a solo internet business. It takes years of experience and practice before you become a true expert. Even if you hire someone else to handle all the back-end stuff, you might not get the most bang for your buck. 

So what now? 

In this post, I’m going to teach you just how to grow your own digital marketing agency. Whether you’re interested in building a full-time income or just supplementing your current job, you’ll learn tons of valuable information.

H2: What is a digital marketing agency?

Alt text: Digital marketing agencies provide a suite of solutions to help businesses grow.

A digital marketing agency is a type of company that specializes in helping businesses develop their presence online through various forms of advertising. They often provide services such as SEO (search engine …

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