International Baccalaureate schools are a type of school that has the philosophy that the way to improve teaching quality is through promoting intellectual growth and international understanding. The curriculum at these schools requires students to take classes in six disciplines: languages, mathematics, arts, sciences, social sciences and the humanities. It offers an academically challenging education with less focus on rote memorization of facts than it does on critical thinking skills.

Benefits of top international baccalaureate schools

1. Top international baccalaureate schools offer an excellent education that is both academically challenging and financially viable.

2. Top international baccalaureate schools are known not just for the quality of their academic programs but also for their professional development programs.

3. International baccalaureate schools offer a variety of specialities, such as middle east studies, to students with a focus on foreign languages and cultures.

4. Students who choose to attend an international baccalaureate school have a diverse range of career options and the encouragement to pursue their educational goals by applying the knowledge they gain in their coursework to the real world.

5. These schools are known for providing excellent career preparation programs for students as well as instilling a strong desire to continue their education after high school.

6. Students who attend top international baccalaureate schools receive an education that is focused on developing problem-solving skills and aiding in the overall development of the whole person.

7. Top international baccalaureate schools offer students the opportunity to learn multiple languages and experience different cultures within a single academic setting. This allows students to have more options when it comes to future educational and career goals, both at the high school level and beyond.


International baccalaureate schools are a unique educational setting that offers students a curriculum that is challenging and interesting, not just in terms of the academic content but also in terms of the preparation they receive outside of school.

Jean Revell